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Managed Services lets you transfer the cost of ownership to us.

Proactive Network Administration is no longer just a catchy phrase that crusty network administrators talk about at their annual meeting with their department heads. With The LCO Group’s Managed IT Solutions and monitoring services and solutions, the ability to truly be proactive has arrived.

The LCO Group has a range of Managed IT Services that can give you total, integrated solutions for your network.

Proactive Network Management

Active management of your network, as opposed to waiting for it to breakdown, increases its reliability and your productivity. Maintaining the network on a regular basis is no different than maintaining a car. Regular, systematic checks can make all the difference between a smooth running network and costly, unproductive downtime.

We check certain key areas of our customer’s computer networks and monitor them continuosly. Some of these key areas include:

  • Data Backup and Verification
  • Antivirus Software Updates and Monitoring
  • Microsoft and Application Updates
  • Hardware Condition
  • Firewall Integrity

Certain devices, such as firewalls, can be sold as full LCO Group Managed Solutions. As such, the onus of ownership, license renewals, updates, warranty coverage, and support is on us. Instead of paying up front for a device that you won’t ever access and that should be locked down tight, we can, for a small monthly fee, provide you with a total, integrated firewall solution that provides security for your network, and relief for your wallet.

Contact us today for more information about our Managed Services and how they can help you keep the costs of IT down. These services include:

  • Inventory/Asset management
  • Antivirus managed solutions
  • Data backup solutions
  • Managed Applications
  • Volume Help Desk services

Our Total Support plan meshes well with our Managed Services to provide total IT peace-of-mind for the small to mid-size business owner.

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The LCO Group can show you how good IT consulting firms can really be.

Managed Services

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