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The LCO Group has been New York City’s number one information
technology support firm and service provider for over twenty-two years!
The LCO Group offers new and cost effective ways to manage your
information technology infrastructure. As a full-service tech support firm
with over two decades of experience and over 30 local and certified engineers,
the LCO Group is offer unparalleled tech support to
New York City and the Tri-State area.

The LCO Group: IT Services and Technical Support

  • Protect Your Data
  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Improve Infrastructure
  • Reduce Costs
  • Enjoy Free Assessments & the Faster Response
  • 24/7 Support & Monitoring
  • Full Service and Fully Covered
  • Disaster Recovery & More

Additional Services


Support for Financial Executives & Institutions

The LCO Group provides financial technology support for hedge fund
managers, CFOs, private investment firms and financial institutions. Our
teams have been keeping New York City’s financial community up and
running since 1989. With technology being the backbone of each and
every transaction and trade - reliability, security, and speed is the number
one requirement to stay ahead of the game today.

  • Bloomberg
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Bridge
  • FactSet
  • Capital IQ

Full range of financial technology integration and support plans:

Law firms, real estate and other professional services firms can now
secure the lowest cost IT & tech support Services. The LCO Group
provides unmatched tech support services for all major devices and
platforms including Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP, Xerox, Linksys,
Netgear and more.

We offer the widest variety of service and support with over
twenty-two (22) years of experience. We have over 40 local
technicians with optional 24 hour monitoring and digital
security solutions for all of your business needs.

For Professional Services Firms

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