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Integration Services




Network design, network integration, data center buildouts - we've done it all.

Our computer consultants are business people first. We understand how businesses operate, and we understand how some network consultants often use ‘computerspeak’ to confuse, confound, and disorient their listeners. Instead of this, we talk about return on investment, cost of ownership, budgets, and increased productivity.

We work with business owners and managers to design computer network systems that strive for increasing productivity while reducing costs. We can assist your business in helping identify areas of the operation that could become automated or improve upon what is already in place. Or we can work with you to integrate an old legacy system or application into a more modern system. The recommendations we make have been thoroughly tested, either in our labs, or during beta projects for larger, enterprise level clients – so that our small business clients don’t end up as guinea pigs for an untried or unproven technology. We are first and foremost a relationship firm, and we strive to build network systems for the long term – at the lowest cost of ownership. The LCO Group can help your business build a stable information technology foundation – and we can do it at a lower cost of ownership than other New York City computer consulting companies.


Let us design or improve a computer network that is right for your business.

Cookie-cutter solutions, shortcuts, ‘applied legacy expertise’, and other decade-old methodologies are an outdated, and outmoded basis for building and designing the networks of today and tomorrow. At the LCO Group, we leverage experience gained to design the *right* solution for our clients. We won’t push a certain technology on our clients simply because our margins are better with one vendor than another – rather, we offer options, and make recommendations – which is the true definition of a consultant.

Our experience extends to a wide variety of client networks – from small, modern virtualized environments to ancient ‘workhorse’ systems that have probably not been rebooted or maintained in years. We can help you understand the underlying value and benefits of applying technology to your business, and can help you maximize productivity while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership.

We help our clients develop comprehensive, tailored system solutions to meet their particular requirements. The LCO Group understands our clients have unique needs for how their computer systems and technology solutions conferencing solutions should perform.. That’s why our first step involves an in-depth review of your needs and situation, current equipment and future vision.


Relocations and Data Center Design Services

Whether you are moving to a new location, expanding an existing location, reclaiming space in an oversized server room, or designing a brand new data center, The LCO Group can help you with the vision, planning, project management, and implementation. We have managed dozens of corporate relocations in the New York City area in the past 20 years, have designed and built server rooms and data centers housing anywhere from one to twenty racks, and participated in or project managed over fifty other integration projects involving moves or space-reclamations. We have expert integration consultants who can assist you with planning or implementation at any stage of your project. Call us today to speak to an engineer and arrange a free consultation.

We want to show you how good outsourced technology consulting can be.

Integration Services & Technical Support from The LCO Group

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