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Specialty Services




Security audits, network assessments, project management - we can help you!

The LCO Group employs senior engineers who can assist our clients with a wide-range of more specialized, high-level services. Some of the more frequently requested services are listed here. Contact us today to find out what else The LCO Group can do for you.


Security/Penetration Testing

Information Technology (IT) Security is an ongoing, crucial, and fundamental consideration that must be addressed at every level of your network infrastructure. Poor network configurations can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, which can result in multiple “security vulnerabilities”, or breaches in security. High-end, professional security implementations require a rigorous analysis, comprehensive plan, and purposeful implementation. There are no shortcuts to security – knowledge, training, and experience are the mainstays.

The LCO Group believes that affordable and effective network security solutions are achieved through the use of highly skilled security engineers and network consultants, that together achieve a balance between user accessability, company attitudes, and proper security controls.

You cannot change a company’s culture – that is part of what makes all of our client’s unique, and we would not want to tamper with that. So, for example, forcing password changes on personnel every thirty days at a company that traditionally has an ‘open’ policy regarding login access and where people write their passwords on index cards, would achieve little save to frustrate everyone. So we work carefully with our clients to educate them regarding the risks of improperly secured networks, and to come up with workable, sustainable solutions that achieve a balance between best-practices and feasibility, achieved through a highly skilled technology team. Initially, our specialized network security consultant will sit down with you to analyze your situation and create an outline for a strategic security solution. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver to you the most value-based and cost-effective Network Security Consulting solutions possible.

For more information on some of our specialized security services, click here.


Threat Assessment/Reduction

A network must be designed with the goal of reducing or eliminating the risk of a security breach. A Security Threat Assessment will allow you to understand where your organization may be vulnerable to security breaches. We use industry standard, specialized security auditing tools, client-side interviews, and soft and hard penetration testing to help you identify critical areas of vulnerability. These assessments will be performed both internally and externally.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A VPN connects branch or main offices and remote users by utilizing a public network, such as the Internet, while providing the same security as a private network. Since using a Virtual Private Network involves encrypting data before sending it through the public network and decrypting it once it is received, information is securely protected. Also, because Virtual Private Networks use an existing WAN (Wide Area Network) infrastructure, costs are dramatically reduced and deployment is faster than traditional private networks.


Network Project Management/RFP Writing

The LCO Group has worked with in-house IT departments and 3rd party consulting firms in assisting with large-scale deployments, RFP assessment and write-up, project management (of both internal and contractor personnel), and various other consulting-related IT services. Contact us today to discuss your particular requirements.


Virtual CIO

The LCO Group has several CIO level consultants who serve as part-time CIO’s for organizations both large and small that recognize the need for a centralized and strategic IT management policy, but are hesitant to incur the large expense to hire a full-time CIO. We can fill that niche roll with highly qualified, experienced consultants who have served in the CIO role at Broker/Dealers, Private Equity/VC firms, Non-Profit, and Hospitality/Management organizations.


Category 5e, 6 and 7 Data Cable Installation

  • Add or relocate existing phone, workstation jacks or DSL lines
  • Optical Fiber Cable Installation
  • Data and Voice Patch Panel Installation
  • Computer Room & Data Center Design and Integration
  • Server Racks (CPI & SMC)
  • Port Certification
  • Video Applications (CCTV, Monitoring, Security cameras)
  • Data, Video & Voice Converges
  • Contact us today if you have inquiries about any other specialized services we might offer.

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Specialty Services

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