virtual-cio-servicesAs organizations IT needs grow, higher level issues such as compliance requirements, corporate security policy, handheld device access, and other important corporate concerns become important to forming a cohesive corporate IT policy.

Most small organizations have sufficient coverage for their network or desktop support, but are lacking in the higher-end staffing requirements that would typically be filled by a Chief Technology or Chief Information Officer.

These positions require significant expense and a full-time presence in these positions cannot often be justified for small to mid-size organizations.

The importance of top-level guidance at small to mid-sized organizations cannot be overstated. Increasing security and auditing requirements, compliance regulations, and increasing performance requirements from existing infrastructures all point to the need for a cohesive IT strategy. A CTO is perfectly suited to this strategic level oversight, enabling the scaling and application of technology to improve core business performance.

A virtual CTO would typically interact with all levels of the IT food chain and with certain company executives. These executives would usually be the Director of Operations, the Chief Financial Officer, and often the office manager. The CTO would fulfill the role of having IT strategy clearly elucidated at the top, with decisions made that would flow downward through the organization.

The LCO Group offers its Virtual CTO package, a tailored program that is designed for small to mid-sized organizations to give them a top down approach to overall IT policy. Depending upon the specific needs of our clients, the program can be custom-fit to match any organizations requirements.

Our Virtual CTO offering includes:

  • ?Disaster Recovery planning and testing
  • Security Policy and Auditing policy creation and write-up
  • Security Testing and remediation
  • Compliance check and remediation
  • Strategic IT Policy

Things you should consider:

  • ?Gives full top-down oversight of important technical and strategic matters
  • Program can be tailored to fit any size organization
  • Hiring full-time CTO could be a $150k to $300k proposition
  • Allows you to scale up and down as needs change

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Virtual CTO

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