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Your company’s data is critical to it’s survival. And having access to this data, both from your local office or from an emergency location – is just as critical. Could your business survive without email? Blackberries? Financial data? A Gartner Group study performed in 2008 showed that 78% of businesses that had a total systems failure of more than two days duration, were out of business within twelve months.

Most small to mid-size organizations usually rely on traditional, ‘old school’ tape backups to guard against the prospect of a disaster. While tapes have their place as archival devices, they are not front-line insurance against disaster. Many firms pay lip-services to disaster recovery, but usually don’t undertake a careful assessment of their exposure, or how their businesses would be impacted – at all levels – from being unable to access their data for hours, days – or possibly weeks – on end. While comprehensive solutions that maintain copies of data at remote locations are desirable, they are often unaffordable.

The LCO Group’s Sentinel system- Data Protection, Backup, and DR for the 21st century – at a fraction of the cost of traditional real-time replication systems.

The LCO’s Sentinel solution is an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution that provides the following:

  1. 15 minute backups of all company data, with multiple copy retention, to onsite CDP device
  2. Offsite replication of all company data, and storage at 2 offsite secure data centers
  3. Ability to virtualize the onsite CDP device – with up to 10 virtual servers per device – within 30 seconds.
  4. 4 hour spin-up of remote data during a total site outage – and ability to easily have users remote in and access the data (faster spin-ups are available upon request).
  5. 24X7 Monitoring and Management of devices

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The Sentinel System gives the IT Administrator – and the COO – the benefit of seamless backup, replicated data, and secure offsite backup – along with full DR and Business Continuity capability.

One Size doesn’t always fit all

For companies with more demanding requirements – such as trading floors, where 15 minutes recovery is insufficient, we have a full server replication solution based on Computer Associate’s award winning HA (formerly WanSynch) solution. Contact us today for more information.

The LCO Group offers a range of affordable, easy-to-manage and maintain DR solutions.

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