ThreatVector Gen 3 Cybersecurity & Asset Protection from The LCO Group


  • 24/7 Monitoring & Response
  • Dedicated Security Team
  • Built On Verifiable Defense Tactics
  • Designed for the Real-World
  • Comprehensive Pricing

Introducing Gen 3

There is nothing more terrifying to the modern day business owner than the prospect of a silent cyber security breach. CEOs, CIOs, IT Directors, and their staff work around the clock to ensure that their networks and infrastructure stay safe and secure, protected against the latest cyber threats. Unfortunately, these efforts are not enough. There are more cyber threats today than in the history of technology. The industry stands at the center of an ongoing battle that has lain waste to many titans who were thought to be impervious to attack.

While you might have been quoted and event spend budget breaking amounts on infrastructure and cyber security products to protect your business from malicious players; how sure are you about the integrity of the solution? With the LCO Groups ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security solution, these questions are addressed every day. Their cyber security consultants listen to client concerns and help you identify the ever changing cyber threat landscape and the threat models that affect your business and industry.

ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security powered by Artic Wolf Networks provides a comprehensive, turnkey cybersecurity solution to financial and professional firms requiring a serious approach to cybersecurity and compliance. These solutions are built on decades of experience and research by the industrys best cybersecurity experts. With ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security services, you receive not only local support, but round the clock monitoring and protection by Security Operations Centers (SOC) like Artic Wolf Networks.

A Real World Turnkey Solution

Built on the experience of industry veterans in law, finance, and managed security ? the LCO Groups offering is designed to provide a true turnkey solution that reflects the real world needs of the modern executive and business owner. From compliance matters to incident response, the LCO Groups ThreatVector personnel provide knowledgeable expertise acquired from years combating cyber threats. These elements afford the group a unique perspective that industry leaders have come to rely on to inform strategy and measures to protecting their business interests.

One of the greatest failure of the modern cybersecurity protection solutions is that the most important people who should be notified first, are typically the last to know. The LCO Groups ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security services change this, and provides a direct and immediate response to new threats with a line of communication with your most important people.

If youre looking to improve your security against cyber criminals – the LCO Groups cybersecurity offering (ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security) will fortify your networks and help create an airtight seal in the security of your business.

Decades of Experience

CIOs and IT Directors get unparalleled service and support with a dedicated cybersecurity team 24/7 and the benefit of experts experienced in managed security solutions, ethical hacking, engineering, and communications. The consultants at LCOs ThreatVector deliver protection for the modern business owner who needs to be informed and empowered to act. Bypassing the bureaucracy LCO gives control back to firms in need of answers ? not excuses.

Leverage the experience of the industrys best and brightest. All too often do modern technology services start as cool new concepts and buzzwords drafted in a vacuum with no real world basis and are solutions in search of problems to solve. Such solutions are not designed for the real world business owner, but rather, these solutions are designed with the creators looking for large payouts, hoping to become the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Zuckerberg ? detached from the real needs and concerns of the hedge fund manager fight off compliance regulations or the law firm trying to project client data. At the LCO Group however, things are a bit different. An in-depth review of the over 45 fulltime engineers working there, as well as the talent pool behind the organization started and run by a group of veteran industry professionals (coming from Merrill Lynch and Miller Tabak + Co. to name a few); reveals that the group started as a IT firm to address the needs of the business owner from the perspective of the business owner.

Started in the late 80s, and serving hundreds of tristate area financial and legal houses, the LCO Groups consultants have a long standing history of protecting client data. Known by some as the relationships people ? the LCO Group owners pride themselves on their referral business and almost religious dedication fostering long-term positive relationships with their clients.

Backed by Active Security Operation Centers (SOCs)

When taking a defensive position against cyber threats a strong defensive and redundant policy coupled with extensive threat modelling and diligent planning are essential for your security plans efficacy. In addition to the LCO Groups traditional offerings, the firm, provides the tools and resources of a 24/7 Security Operation Center backed by Artic Wolf Networks. These provide local firms with a complete turnkey solution to mounting regulations as well as the cybersecurity threats that prompt them. ThreatVector Gen 3 Managed Security lets professional businesses:

  • Leverage the power of the industrys most fierce cybersecurity teams under a proven configuration.
  • Year round coverage, management and reporting.
  • Proactive vulnerability awareness and remediation.
  • IPS and IDS on both the Network and Asset Level

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