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From simple add-ons to full-blown portfolio and trading systems – let us design a system that meets the business needs of your company!


The LCO Group employs some of the most experienced and skilled programmers in the field of database-driven systems design. We don’t do our development offshore – everything is done by our in-house programmers, out of our New York offices. This lets us – and you – have complete and immediate access to the programmers and project managers, to ensure that your customized system is done right.

The LCO Group designs systems that actually fulfill a business purpose.

We have seen too many custom programming projects fail for one reason or another. But the most likely cause – and one that we take great care in avoiding – is lack of concrete focus at the begining of the project. The business requirements of a programming project must be clearly defined, a scope of work created, an architecture blueprinted, and a meeting of the minds between the actual users of the program, and the programmers. That’s where our intimate, design-driven approach can ensure that your application will meet your business needs, and be delivered on time, and on budget.

A custom database driven system can lead to increased profits.

Database design and development is an essential part of creating a system to help your business analyze data to maximize profit margins or even to be more organized. A newly developed database driven computer system can add much value to both small business and large businesses alike. The LCO Group specializes in database design, database development, and database programming, and has been writing cutting edge systems in industries such as financial services, hotels/hospitality, medical, non-profit, and manufacturing.

The process of doing database design and development generally consists of a number of steps which will be carried out by our software engineers. The process always begins with a Discovery and Needs Assessment – the equivalent of doing a blueprint for a house. Most custom programming projects that fail usually do so because this essential step was either skimped on or skipped in it’s entirety.

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