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The LCO Group has leveraged it’s over 20 years of providing tech support and IT services to? small and mid-size businesses in the New York area to create a set of programs and services that allow our clients to focus on their core business goals – without the distraction and cost of IT and Tech Support problems.

The LCO Group has a wide range of IT Service and Tech Support offerings

The LCO Group employs first-class IT and tech support consultants that bring expertise and customer-support skills to our clients. Our ’boutique’ approach to network computer consulting and technical support allows us to remain agile, and give urgency to our small and mid-size business client needs, while utilizing the experience gained from our years of? working for larger organizations and enterprises. Our IT and tech support solutions are ideal for business owners who want to offload the cost and hassle of managing their IT infrastructures, or who just need supplemental support for an already existing team.

Our Support Programs Work for you

We have unique network and computer support programs for our New York City clients that can help small and mid-size companies who need to add functionality to their existing network, improve proactive management of their systems, or design new networks to achieve greater business productivity. We combines years of networking and computer support expertise with industry “best practices” to support your computer network systems. Our computer networking solutions employ the latest technology and provide the best value for your IT investment – at the lowest cost of ownership.

The LCO Group can:

The LCO Group will tailor our solutions to your business

At The LCO Group, we understand that all companies are different. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, such as financial services, real estate, law firms, medical practices /healthcare, manufacturing, architecture, and professional services firms of all types. Our solutions are tailored to fit your needs – we don’t try and pigeonhole you into a program that is not right for you.

Let our expert consultants help you grow your New York business by maximizing your technology investment.

The LCO Group provides both local on-site, and remote computer consulting services, desktop support and network support, full outsourced IT consulting services, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, integration services, anti-virus/anti-spam protection, and onsite and remote network management. The LCO Group has been providing support for New York City’s leading small to mid-size businesses for over 20 years. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Let The LCO Group show you how good an IT firm can be.

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