The LCO Group maintains up-to-date information about the latest technology.

The world of technology is constantly in a state of flux. Keeping good documentation is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity. More man-hours are wasted each year by businesses that don’t have proper documentation, change management procedures, and other critical documents, than by almost any other business process.

We are absolutely serious about documentation.

Most consulting firms give lip-service to documentation. At The LCO Group, we make it one of our core principles – document it, and maintain it. Not only does this help us do our job better, it gives our clients peace-of-mind. They know that, in the event of an emergency, that everything critical to their technology infrastructure and operating routines have been filed and put away for safe-keeping.

Ask to see a sample of our documentation.

When you call The LCO Group to request a free consultation, ask to see a sample documentation manual. We think you will be surprised when you see how thorough we are.

Let us demonstrate to you how good outsourced consulting firms can be.

Documentation – Overview

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