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The LCO Group has helped New York area businesses with maximizing their technology application for the past ten years. Along the way, there have been several outstanding examples of increased productivity that changed our partners business, and helped them reach the next level.

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Application Design – broker trade processing system.

In 2004, The LCO Group was hired by a financial services firm to study, design, and create a trading platform to replace their existing off-the-shelf application that didn’t meet the firms needs. After an intensive discovery process, which took two months and involved numerous user interviews, stub code samples, flowcharts and logic diagrams, and interface mock-ups, programming began.

Using all in-house personnel (we don’t outsource overseas – ever), The LCO Group spent the next eight months creating the system. Our initial launch date for beta testing was scheduled for 11 months after work began – and we beat the target date by a full month.The Beta test resulted in some design re-specifications, and some interface changes. But product launch beat the milestone date by three weeks, and rollout was a complete success.

After one year of using the new system, trade processing costs and time required were cut by over 20%. Additionally, reporting was improved so dramatically that previously unreported trade issues, execution problems, and discrepency/break issues were brought to light that resulted in an annual savings of over $400,000.

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